How does it work?

Book your service instantly or schedule up to a week in advance. Appointments can be made through our iOS or google play app where you’ll be able to book by desired time, preferred grooming professional or both.

Won’t my floor end up covered with hair?

No hair left behind! Each Groomi barber carries a drop cloth to ensure cleanup is an easy task and that your space is left in a clean condition.

Is Groomi safe?

Customers can rest assured knowing that all Groomi barbers are carefully recruited and licensed from Dubai healthcare authority.

What are Groomi's hours of operations?

Currently Groomi’s customer service line is open from 8am till midnight.


Who will be cutting my hair?

Groomi only hires highly trained licensed professional from well reputed barbershops across Dubai.

Can I choose my Groomi barber prior to booking?

Absolutely! You can search and book by an individual barber. And once you find a barber you love, you’ll be able to request them for all your Groomi appointments.

How do I become a Groomi barber?

Please reach out on 043779774 or shoot us an email at hello@groomi.me.
You can fill up the Barber form as well on the website.


How do I prepare for a Groomi appointment?

Grab a chair, kick back and relax! All we ask is that you position your chair in an area where our barber will have easy access to an outlet.

How soon can I expect my barber to arrive?

Your barber will arrive as soon as 1 hour after you book.

How long will my appointment take?

Depending on how many services you request, times will vary. A single haircut takes approximately 20 minutes.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes. Appointments can be rescheduled with up to two hours notice with no additional charges.


What's the cost of each haircut?

Please visit our pricing page

What is Groomi’s tip policy?

Tip is not included, nor mandatory; it’s completely up to your discretion. At the end of your appointment, we ask that you provide a quick review of your barber.

What is Groomi’s cancellation policy?

You can cancel your appointment at any time after you have placed an order up to two hours before the appointment. When a haircut is canceled within two hours of a scheduled appointment the full fee is charged.


Is Groomi available for special events?

Yes! We’re available for weddings, corporate engagements, and special events. For inquiries, please visit groomi.me/groomipro.

I had a problem with my service, who do I contact?

If you are unhappy with the service feel free to contact our Customer Experience team at 043779774 or shoot us an email at hello@groomi.me. Be sure to include a description of the issue within 48 hours of when the haircut took place. If the complaint is valid, we will send a barber back to your location to fix the problem free of charge.